Coach's Corner

Practice tips and hints.

Week One

What Makes a Good Lineman?

From Coach Wade


A good lineman must always be in control of their body. They must know how to shift their weight and control outside forces. This is why I strongly encourage linemen to wrestle. Wrestling and linemen play go hand in hand. When conditioning, it is important to not only work on strength but mobility and core exercises should be incorporated into any routine.


All linemen must have good, quick feet. You can not be tripping and falling over yourself. Again, being on the wrestling mat will help with this. Wrestling teaches you how to pick your feet up when moving. Also, throwing shot put and discuss in track will help mobility. Agility drills such as the grid and ladder will develop quick feet.


All linemen must have strong physical hands. Hands are just as important to us as our eyes. Throwing a good punch can save bad feet. Your hands and feet should work together. When your feet move, the hands should move and vice versa. Thumbs should always be to the sky and linemen should always be in control.

Develop Our Youth

Developing our youth is a large part of the Midwest Defenders' mission. We strive to make the game of football a family affair. Check back often for tips and hints from the coaching staff of the Midwest Defenders.